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Third Wave 

Third Wave 

Share coffee with the world

The Wichteln

Third Wave Wichteln started 2013 with the idea to share delicious coffee. With people all over the world. Third Wave coffee to be precise. Thereby the project Wichteln was born.

It became a platform. To connect people. Hobby coffee lovers, professionals, even coffee farmers. Together we built a map. Now, it is much more – a playground for you and us. For everyone who loves coffee.

Under­stand the wichteln

Please read the instructions in order to know what the Wichteln is about and what you need to do.

If everybody reads and follows the rules, we can ensure a great Wichteln for everyone.

Sign up for the wichteln

Fill out the form with your information (if the address is incorrect, you won't receive any coffee). Then, wait for the e-mail with all the relevant information, like the name and address of the person you need to send coffee to.

Buy third wave (or speciality) coffee

It is very important that we agree on one standard.   The coffee should be
Fresh max. 5 days roasted before purchase
don't grind it
Filter coffee no espresso
From one origin / estate no blend
Third Wave Coffee

If you’re not sure what Third Wave or Specialty Coffee is, Wikipedia might help. (If this doesn't fit your taste, you can do a separate coffee exchange with people from our Facebook group.)

Whereto buy third wave coffee?

If you’re not sure where to buy Third Wave/Specialty Coffee, have a look at our map with over 1,500 locations.

Send your coffee

Double-check the name & address. Send as soon as possible, so that the coffee will arrive as fresh as possible.

Most importantly, add a customs form CN22, and label the package as „gift“ and with „Whole Roasted Coffee Beans“ (then it should arrive without being held up in customs).

Wait for your third wave coffee

We know this is the hardest part. But relax, the coffee could come from the other side of the world, so it will take a while. When it arrives, enjoy the coffee, and share with others.

We would also appreciate a photo of your Wichteln experience via Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #thirdwavewichteln.

Avoid a bad wichteln

  • no espresso
  • no nespresso
  • no ground coffee
  • no 1st or 2nd wave coffee
  • no blends
  • no decaf
  • no old coffee