Third Wave 

Third Wave or
Specialty Coffee

There are two kinds of coffee: Commodity and Specialty Coffee. Speciality Coffee is defined by its quality and its taste. Taste can be seen as good or bad (very subjective), taste can also be based on flavors.

Coffee is a fruit and every bean (the inside of that fruit) can taste very differently. The taste is affected by the origin (where it grows), by the way it’s treated – dried and roasted – and by the way it is brewed. There is coffee that tastes “sweet like chocolate” or “fruity like strawberry” or “sour like a lime”. The flavor wheel of SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) shows how complex coffee can taste like.

The idea of the Third Wave Coffee movement is to see and taste the varieties of Specialty Coffee, to raise the quality of the coffee (in a sustainable way – economically and ecologically) and present the consumer what coffee can be like. It requires some curiosity, openness and effort. We hope we can encourage you to explore more of the coffees produced around the world, and to find new ways to enjoy coffee. It's worth it.

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